Thömus – since 1991

Thömus is the greatest bike brand you may not have heard of. Yet.

Thömus USA is a manufacturer of world-class bicycles, designed and produced by Thömus Bicycles of Switzerland. Thömus bicycles are sold in North America exclusively at Ciclique, the bicycle retailer in Santa Monica, California.

In addition to the unbeatable Thömus bicycle line, we also offer factory-trained, expert repair and regular maintenance for bicycles of all kinds (recent vintage only). If you are facing a mechanical challenge with your bike, or just need routine maintenance, our technical team can help.

For more than 30 years, Thömus bicycles have been the equipment of choice for thousands of riders in Switzerland and beyond. Thömus makes a wide range of bikes for every application, from children’s bikes to professional-grade racing bikes. Thömus bikes are the official equipment of the champion Thömus-Maxon professional mountain bike racing team, which boasts multiple World Cup victories, including multiple World Cup overall titles, World Championships and Olympic medals.

Thömus USA has hand-picked a selection of the finest performance bicycles for the US market. Visit our showroom to see these incredible bikes for yourself. Or contact us at for an appointment at your convenience.

Since its founding, Thömus has stood for bicycle high-tech from Switzerland. Olympic medalist Mathias Flückiger has also been relying on the Swiss brand for years, as well as Worldcup over-all winner Alessandra Keller. “Swiss made to fascinate” is the company’s motto, which means that even in the midst of the bicycle boom, the company boasts the fastest delivery times.

Technologically high quality and individual

Whether mountain bike, road bike or city bike, the high-quality Thömus bikes are available with electric assistance and motorless.
The Lightrider Worldcup is arguably one of the fastest mountain bikes in the world. The Thömus maxon Swiss Mountain Bike Racing team is currently proving impressively in the World Cup that this is not simply an empty claim.

Lightrider E2 Pro, the e-mountain bike for everybody

E-bikes have long since ceased to be simply “bikes for the 50+ generation”. The triumphal march of electric mobility has just begun, not least because an e-mountain bike brings very individual advantages for different users. The electric assistance allows beginners to go on tours together with experienced bikers without getting bored and overstrained. Athletes:inside and athletes hone their technique with e-mountain bikes and still always train in the optimal pulse range and best agers can counteract natural aging. A win-win-win situation for the Lightrider E2 Pro. Equipped with the Shimano EP8 motor, Thömus offers one of the world’s best e-mountain bikes. Lightweight, enormously powerful, with versatile tuning options and a battery capacity of 726 Wh.

Megatrend Gravelbike

Less cumbersome than a mountain bike and yet more robust than a racing bike: the gravel bike combines the positive characteristics of both categories and is perfectly suited for longer tours off the busy roads. With the Sliker X Ultimate Thömus has recently launched the latest generation gravel bike. Versatile, comfortable, lightweight and no frills. Cables, seat clamp, thru axles and carbon bottle cage are integrated into the frame or handlebars. This not only serves the aesthetics, but makes the bike and the individual parts less susceptible to dirt or defects. The sloped top tube and the associated low overhang height bring safety in the terrain. A variety of eyelets and attachment points make you want to go bikepacking and other adventures – like commuting to work in city traffic. The Gravelbike is a bike for life.

Renaissance of the racing bike

The classic racing bike is also experiencing a renaissance. Whether it’s a sporty balance on the after-work lap or a sociable round with friends – cycling connects and promotes many health aspects. The steady, cyclical movements of cycling reduce stress and help you relax, and the exercise in the fresh air clears your head for new ideas. The founder, test rider and CEO of Thömus, Thomas Binggeli, also knows this: “The bicycle brings people together. Suffering together, sweating together and celebrating together at the finish line is what brings people together. It doesn’t matter whether someone works in politics, as a craftsman or in a management position. On the bike, everyone is equal, problems can be solved and ideas generated. One of my favorite sayings is “in good air, good ideas thrive” and where better air could there be than on a bike?” Today’s racing bikes are simultaneously high-tech as well as lifestyle objects. With the Sliker Pro Ultimate, Thömus sets new standards in the field of racing bikes: with optimized aerodynamics, total integration of all cables and minimal weight with maximum stiffness.

Each bike is unique.

Whether gravel bike, racing bike, mountain bike or e-bike – all Thömus bikes have one thing in common: they are developed, designed and built in Switzerland exactly according to the wishes and needs of the customers. In this way, the individual anatomy of each person can be taken into account, and all this with the shortest delivery times – completely “Swiss made to fascinate”.

Central community

One particularly important point about Thömus: it doesn’t just sell bikes, but a philosophy in which the community plays a central role. Velo fans of all ages and strengths meet at many events for joint activities. In this way, customers’ experiences flow directly back into the further development of the models.