The “World’s Lightest eBike?” The New Thōmus Swissrider weighs just 25 lbs!

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Thōmas SA is celebrating their new location in Santa Monica, California in style.

On Friday, the Swiss bicycle company released their all-new Swissrider eBike in both an Urban/Gravel and Road version. Thōmus makes the claim that their new “lightweight and versatile” electric bike weighs in at only 25 pounds, claiming the Swissrider to be the “World’s lightest ebike”.

To be fair, the Swissrider is still impressively light at 11.5kg, and it’s also less expensive than many other competitor.

Thōmus USA is a retailer and manufacturer of “world-class” road, mountain, and gravel bikes designed by Thōmus SA of Switzerland. The bikes are fully assembled by hand at the on-site workshop. The company was founded in 2021 and operates a flagship retail boutique in Santa Monica, California.

Swissrider Urban/Gravel
Swissrider Road

Swiss Bike Maker Opens U.S. HQ

New article on the Los Angeles Business Journal, click the button below to read the rest of it.

Swiss bicycle manufacturer Thömus SA has opened its U.S. headquarters in Santa Monica.

The corporate offices for Thömus USA and a flagship retail boutique on Montana Avenue in the beachside city opened last month.

Bernardo Gonzalez, a partner in the company started by Thomas Binggeli on his parent’s farm near Oberried, Switzerland, said that Santa Monica was chosen as Thömus’s U.S. headquarters because the greater Los Angeles area has an enormous cycling community, as well as a significant professional cycling community.

“The weather allows for bicycle riding almost 365 days of the year, with immediate access to the coastline and the mountains,” Gonzalez said in a statement provided to the Business Journal. “Our target market is right here. The Westside of Los Angeles is a very popular cycling center, and a lot of our customers live close to this location.”

Additionally, the company chose to be close to Hollywood because it wants to communicate the message of leading by example when it comes to having an impact on the environment, Gonzalez said.

Thömus Lightrider World Cup – Bike Review

Bike Rumor published a new Bike Review of our Lightrider World Cup. Click the button below to read the full article!

“The Thömus Lightrider World Cup is a carbon XC bike many of us are familiar with but have never laid our hands on. The iconic red racing frame has been all over the front of the men’s and women’s Cross Country World Cup for years. We’ve featured Lightriders in our Pro Bike Checks for a few years, picking them out on the UCI XCO World Cup.”

Thömus Maxon Racing Team Lightrider World Cup

Biking for a Better Future

“Thömus USA offers a new way for LA” – read the full article from The Argonaut News

Bernardo Gonzalez believes electric bicycles are the keys to the future. 

Gonzalez is a managing partner behind Santa Monica’s Thömus USA, the only location outside of Switzerland to sell Thömus bikes. Each is built by hand on site in Santa Monica.

“Thömus bikes makes purpose-built electric bikes, community bikes, a way to get around town in an efficient eco-friendly fashion,” said Casper Casparian, head of marketing for the company.

“Bicycles as a way to a better future: health benefits, environmental benefits. Just getting one car off the road is a benefit.”

In fact, Gonzalez and his team have done the research. He said if 10% of LA’s commuters would get out of their cars and onto a bike, it would reduce carbon emissions enough to plant another LA National Forest, he said. 

“We really believe bicycles are not only the keys to the future. But the electric bike is most accessible no matter the level of fitness,” Gonzalez said.

Read the full article from The Argonaut by clicking on the butotn below:

Women’s Gala

Longrider E2 – One for all. Flexible, comfortable and top styled, this all-rounder heralds the new era of e-bikes. Developed in Switzerland, built in our Santa Monica factory workshop, for use around the world.

The Thömus Longrider features the best-in-class Shimano EP8 motor with all the power and range you need for a full day of travel in the city and beyond. It has a lightweight, carbon fiber frame, and accommodates racks and fenders for ultimate, year-round utility. Test ride one today at our shop in Santa Monica. Prices start at less than $6,000.

Also available in red, black, and white.

See the Longrider and the full range of Thömus road, mountain, and gravel bikes, both electric and manual, at Thömus USA, at 1314 Montana Avenue (across from R&D Kitchen).  Also offering bike rentals, and expert repairs for all brands of bikes.

Longrider E2 – One for all