Lightrider E2 Pro

from $ 7'900.00

The top seller for unrivaled ranges on a single battery charge with the fastest charging times. The impressive grip on the rear wheel is complemented with incredible traction uphill and thus provide maximum smoothness and track safety.

Lightrider E Ultimate

from $ 7'500.00

The lightest full-suspension e-mountain bike in the world, developed in collaboration with maxon, is pure Swissness! With a weight of less than 15 kg, the Lightrider E Ultimate rides like a mountain bike without a motor and is also visually almost indistinguishable from it. It offers riding fun for all and is suitable due to the high agility and the frame size available from XS especially for smaller and lighter riders.

Lightrider Worldcup

from $ 7'500.00

A good choice for all disciplines, developed in collaboration with the riders:inside of the Thömus maxon Swiss Mountain Bike Racing. The Lightrider incorporates the best of around 30 years of development. Modern attachment standards and a high-tech carbon frame make even the hearts of demanding bike fans beat faster. This race bike is the best choice for those who like it a little faster.