Biking for a Better Future

“Thömus USA offers a new way for LA” – read the full article from The Argonaut News

Bernardo Gonzalez believes electric bicycles are the keys to the future. 

Gonzalez is a managing partner behind Santa Monica’s Thömus USA, the only location outside of Switzerland to sell Thömus bikes. Each is built by hand on site in Santa Monica.

“Thömus bikes makes purpose-built electric bikes, community bikes, a way to get around town in an efficient eco-friendly fashion,” said Casper Casparian, head of marketing for the company.

“Bicycles as a way to a better future: health benefits, environmental benefits. Just getting one car off the road is a benefit.”

In fact, Gonzalez and his team have done the research. He said if 10% of LA’s commuters would get out of their cars and onto a bike, it would reduce carbon emissions enough to plant another LA National Forest, he said. 

“We really believe bicycles are not only the keys to the future. But the electric bike is most accessible no matter the level of fitness,” Gonzalez said.

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