Stromer – the story behind the bike

The urge to build better and pioneering bikes has always driven Thömus to new innovations.
The vision for the Stromer was to build an e-bike that is not only significantly faster than all previous ones, but also clearly stands out from the dusty, stepmotherly image. The Stromer V1 caused an earthquake in the e-bike industry.
The “Stromer by Thömus” overtook all pedelecs of its time right at market entry and set out to change mobility.
In order to be able to further develop and better establish the e-bikes more quickly and efficiently, “Stromer” was registered as an independent brand.

The next generation Stromer bikes

In 2011, the next generation of Stromer e-bikes was launched with the Stromer ST1. As the world’s first S-pedelec with an integrated battery, it reached speeds of up to 45 km/h. At the same time, the Stromer ST1 impressed with its design and unprecedented ranges.
Through the acquisition and the successful collaboration with the bike brand BMC Switzerland AG, the Stromer will not only achieve nationwide recognition but will also be available throughout Europe and in the USA in the future.

Thömus AG as premium dealer of myStromer AG

In 2017, Stromer became an independent company with myStromer AG, detached from BMC. Thomas Binggeli remained on the board of directors and Thömus AG is a premium seller with a top service offer for all Stromer models.

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