Thömus is the greatest bike brand you may not have heard of. Yet.

For more than 30 years, Thömus bicycles have been the equipment of choice for thousands of riders in Switzerland and beyond. Thömus bikes are the official equipment of the champion Thömus-Maxon Swiss Racing professional mountain bike racing team, which boasts multiple World Cup victories, including multiple World Cup overall titles, World Championships and Olympic medals.

Thömus Maxon Racing Team

Now, for the first time, Thömus bicycles are available in the United States, exclusively from Thömus USA. Our workshop-showroom in Santa Monica, California offers a hand-picked selection of the finest Thömus bikes, as well as full service for all brands of bikes and all types of riders. Each bike is built to order on-site, for your expected use and budget.

Thömus bicycles are known for innovative design, Swiss quality, and advanced technology. These bikes are created by the same designers and engineers who supply the World Champion and World Cup-winning Thömus Maxon Swiss Racing team with the bikes they use day in and day out. Whether on or off-road, electric or manual, Thömus makes bicycles for every use, and all types of riders.

Lightrider E2

The most popular Thömus bike in Switzerland, this long-travel, electric MTB features a high-performance carbon frame and Shimano EP8 motor system.
Full Power E-MTB

Lightider E Ultimate

This is the World Cup winning race bike from Thömus.
Its 1,650 gram frame is state of the art in every detail. Built to race with 100mm travel, or made for fast trail with up to 130mm.
Lightest E-MTB ever

Sliker Pro Ultimate

Thömus’ fast and light road bike is thoroughly modern, with full integration, aero-optimized tube shapes, and all-day comfort with clearance for tires up to 35c. 

Sliker X Ultimate

The Sliker X is the ultimate in versatility: a fast and agile performer for on-road or off-road use, with rack mounts and clearance for tires up to 50c.

Longrider E2

Featuring the same Shimano EP8 motor system and battery as the Lightrider E2, the Longrider E2 is Thömus’ ultimate high-performance, high-endurance electric commuting and utility vehicle.
Daily Commute

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